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  Ipods Cases For Ipods
By Steve Gee
iPods have cornered the market in terms of trendy mp3 players and the latest, third generation, versions offer photograph and video options too. Then there is the 'iPod nano' and the 'iPod mini' and the 'iPod shuffle' too! These gadgets have remained popular for some time now and alongside the sale of iPods an industry has grown in accessories.

The biggest advantage of an is its size and therefore the ability to take it with you wherever you go. However, this can cause problems as they are also quite delicate and the screen and case are prone to scratching, even during normal usage. Therefore there is a whole market out there offering cases to protect your from damage and to make it possible for you to take it literally anywhere. Most cases now come with a variety of options for straps and clips to make sure your never leaves your side until you are ready to put it away.

IPod Case Type 1: Socks

Yes, I do mean socks - literally a sock fabric cover made to fit the different shapes and sizes of iPods. This makes a great case They can be made of a cotton or wool knitted fabric. Apple does sell their own, in packs of six different colours, but there are other manufacturers too offering different styles. Nevertheless, the cheapest I have found was free - we took a pair of men's sports socks, cut off the foot and sewed up the end where the foot would have been! It was perfect and we got two cases for virtually nothing!

IPod Case Type 2: Skins and Fabric

I'm not sure whether the fabric cases here shouldn't come under the 'socks' label, but having looked at various websites,



there are some really wacky cases for iPods available, at a cost. The options should suit all tastes from pink and fluffy to textured and to practical plain “Hotromz” make the cases to fit all types of available. More expensive than a sock but they do make an individual statement about the owner!

If you don't want an case that issues a fashion statement then you can try something a little simpler like a wallet covered with tweed or other fabric. The problem with the wallet approach though is that you have to remove the player from the case in order to use it. I think that's a bit inconvenient.

Between fabric and 'skins' there is the 'Moshi' pouch. This is made from a special fabric, 'Terahedron'. The inside has microscopic filaments which helps clean your by removing smears and fingerprints from the casing and the outside is water and dirt resistant. There is also an outer pocket for storing earphones. This case is proving very popular and is not prohibitively expensive.

IPod cases called 'skins' are made from silicone rubber or orca-skin neoprene. They have a very skin like feel to them and hence the name. The silicone skins are translucent allowing you to see the while in it's case. A clear window protects the screen so you don't need to take the out of the case to use it. If you do a lot of outdoor activities then the neoprene skins are probably your best choice because they are tough and often have special grips to help you handle it while on the move. Some come with a lid and a pocket for earphones.

IPod Case Type 3: Leather

Leather cases for iPods are the most expensive option there is, but not always the most practical, leather cases offer a very smart alternative to the brightly coloured neoprene or silicone skin, or the fabric versions. Some manufacturers offer the opportunity for you to have your initials printed on the case, just to make sure no-one mistakes whose case it is. Leather cases come in several different styles, such as one that looks like a notebook with a front flap, or there is one that has a flap that fixes over the top, like a purse. The ultimate and possibly the most expensive case available is one made from ostrich leather!

IPod Case Type 4: Armbands and Sports Cases

The ultimate in portable cases for iPods with elasticised straps that have neoprene cases attached, ready for you to strap on your upper arm. This turns your into the ideal partner to take to the gym where you can exercise whilst listening to your favourite music or other download.

If you are not too keen on wearing it on your upper arm, a new variation is a case that slips on to your hand, which is easy to access if you wish to change whatever you are listening to. This style is most suited for those who want to exercise outdoors such as joggers or walkers.

Steve is a software engineer and owner of iPods Cases For iPods










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