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  Ipod Downloads Center Receives 5-star Rating
By Andy West
Review Place ( recently granted a five-star rating to MyiPodownloads (, a service that offers more than 95,000,000 and mp3 downloads, including music, movies, and TV shows.

The downloads center makes it possible to get all the media downloads you've been wanting - without having to fork over lots of money! Rather than paying monthly or per-download fees, users pay a one-time fee of $39.95 and gain access to unlimited music, movies, and other downloads. One- and two-year memberships are also available, for as little as $1.45 a month. The software downloads instantly and easily, and features a user-friendly download system. Plus, users can count on a round-the-clock customer service system. membership also includes software that allows users to back up DVDs on a computer and transfer the files to an iPod,



as well as bonus spyware removal software.

“Keeping up on good music, movies, and other media shouldn't have to cost a fortune,” said a spokesman for “Downloading media files from our vast libraries allows our customers to save more money than they ever could have dreamed was possible.”

“Besides the substantial savings, the downloads center offers user-friendly software and great customer service,” said Andy West, the Press Relations representative for Review Place. “It's no surprise that our reviewers have given our top rating.”

One of the leading consumer-driven online communities, Review Place provides reviews on thousands of products and services. Review Place categories include home based businesses, employment services, relationship advice and many more. The site is dedicated to saving you time and money by providing quality information on the issues that impact your life. To see the complete list of categories, visit

To find out more about the downloads center and other related services, including descriptions, testimonials, and product reviews, please visit Review Place's Downloads category by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

Andy West is a freelance writer and a marketing communications specialist for MediaChoice, Inc. MediaChoice is a search engine marketing company which owns and operates and










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