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  How To Replace Ipod's Battery On Your Own
By Corey Liz, Fri Dec 9th

There are few products more popular than the iPod—except when itcomes to battery life. The batteries in early iPods fail after atime (300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles or about two to threeyears) and just won’t hold a charge. Even worse, there’s no easyway to change the batteries. Angry owners sued and now Apple hasagreed to some restitution (AppleIpodSettlement). That’s goodnews if you’re the owner of a third-generation iPod: You’reeligible for a free battery replacement or (at Apple’sdiscretion) a replacement iPod, providing you still have yourproof of purchase and file a claim by September 30, 2005. Thenews




is not so good if you have a first- or second-generationiPod: You can choose between a check for $25 or a $50 storecredit to use on Apple products (excluding iTunes). Well, atleast that’s something. But you’re still stuck with your deadbattery. What can you do? The simple (and costly) approach wouldbe to go with Apple’s Out-of- Warranty Battery ReplacementProgram.

Send in your dead along with a check for $99 plus $6.95shipping and you’ll receive an equivalent new or refurbishedmodel with a fresh battery in one to three weeks. Besides payingmore than three times the cost of a battery, which can beobtained online for around $30, you’re not even guaranteedyou’ll receive your exact back in the mail. Why not avoidall of Apple’s service fees? You really can replace the batteryon your own: We’ll show you how. Sure, you’ll void the warrantyin the process, but isn’t that part of the fun?

Visit forcomplete instructions and step by step pictures.

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