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  Apple Ipod Nano - Revolutionizing The Mp3 Player World
By Gregory Nirshberg, Sat Dec 10th

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the advent of theApple revolutionized mp3 players. The look, the style, thesound quality, the navigation, the features, the seamlessintegration with iTunes and other services, all these separatecomponents added up to a spectacular and revolutionary mp3player. Each new mp3 player that Apple has released has pushedthe envelope for design and all around use. First theyminiaturized the with the Mini. Then they miniaturizedthat, and by getting rid of the LCD screen were able to offerthe Shuffle for unheard of low prices for an iPod. Now they'vegone to the next level. The Apple nano.

But will it really revolutionize mp3 players? Yes. Andhere's why:

Size and Storage

Take the iPod, shrink it, shrink it again, and then shrink itone more time and you have the Nano! It's no thicker than apencil and slides right into your back pocket without evennoticing, literally! The nano is smaller than most other flashmp3 players, but has something that none of them do: 2GB and 4GBfile capacities. No flash mp3 player has




the kind of filecapacity that the nano has. And what this means is that you canstore a previously unheard amount of music on an mp3 player withno moving internal parts, i.e.- a completely skip free player.

Signature Quality

Remember that this is an iPod, so you have unmatched usabilityand sound quality. The player comes with the Apple signatureclick wheel and navigation system. It hooks up seamlessly withiTunes and other standard Apple software. The sound quality, aswith all iPods, is excellent.

Brand New Features

The nano comes with a full color screen which can displaymultiple image file formats in a crisp high quality format. Italso now syncs up directly with Microsoft Outlook and OutlookExpress for contacts and colander functions and to-do lists. Oneof the coolest and most useful new features the nano comes withis a stopwatch and lap timer. Because it's small and flashbased, the nano already is great for working out, but thestopwatch can record many lap times and then give you shortest,longest, and average lap, as well as your overall time andindividual lap times.

The Cool Factor

What can I say? The nano just oozes cool from every angle.It's small and sleek. The colors are hot. The navigation isexcellent. It can play music or audio books, display pictures,or even do both at once!


So what's the nano done to push the envelope and revolutionizemp3 players? It's made the largest file capacity flash mp3player ever. It's added a brilliant color screen to displayimages. And it's added tons of neat new features previouslyunavailable on iPods. And it's done all this while not giving upwhat we have come to know and love about the iPod: superb sound,navigation, and usability. There isn't much negative to sayabout the nano. At $200 and $250 respectively, the 2GB and 4GBiPod nano sure isn't cheap, but it is unmatched as a flash mp3player and worth every penny if you want the coolest mp3 player around.

About the author:Gregory Nirshberg owns and operates Mp3 Player BuyerGuide. A website dedicated to helping people find and choosethe best mp3 players. A comprehensive buying guide and resourcefor mp3 player reviews. Also contains up to date clearance andrebate deals.










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