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  Excellence Miniaturized
By Eddie Miller, Fri Dec 9th

iPod. Just that one word alone brings up memories of what hasquickly become one of the world's largest fads. It seems as ifeveryone owns an iPod, and rightfully so. Apple's line of iPod'shave continuously proven to be the most reliable, high end,sleek, technically advanced mp3 players available on the market.As one would expect, the Nano is continuing this line ofexcellence.

The new Nano may seem like nothing special to outsidersmerely glancing in, and it may seem as if Apple is simplycapitalizing on its iPod's popularity to put out "new" iPod'sthat really don't offer anything new, but the Nano is actually




agreat piece of work. As its name sounds, the Nano is built fromthe ground up to be the smallest, sleekest available.

The Nano ranges in at 0.6 cm thick, 9 cm long and 4 cmwide. But don't be fooled by its small size, the Nano comesequipped with a fairly large, extremely sharp color screen and arather large memory capacity that comes in at either 2 GB (holds500 songs) or 4 GB (1,000 songs), depending on your preference.Even more impressive is that these aren't the standard harddrives of older iPods, this is the new solid state flash memorythat allows this tiny package to offer large amounts of reliablememory.

So while you may knock on Apple assuming that they are puttingout underachieving products, keep in mind that the Nano is trulyan amazing mp3 player. It offers all the advantages of the otheriPod's except in a miniature size. Indeed, the Nano is anmp3 player that all can enjoy.

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