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  Download Movie On Your Ipod
By Roberto Bell
So you want to know how to download movie on your Ipod? Well, In this article I will show you how. Although a lot of people have Ipods and videos these days, very few seem able to use them to play their old movies. The people who run Apple seem to want you to only use what they say with your Ipod, but with the right information you can overcome this, and download any movie you want onto your Ipod.

Note- you will need to have Itunes 7.0 in order to do this, and your will need to have enough room for the files.

Download Movie On Your Ipod- Step 1
You need to have your movie or movies on your computer before you start. If you have, then you can start, if you haven't, then you will need to get some ripping software to transfer movies from DVD and save them onto



your computer. If you don't have any ripping software, I will show you where you can get it at the bottom of this article.

Download Movie On Your Ipod- Step 2
Use your connecting lead to join your to the computer. When the formalities are complete, and the two machines recognise each other, open up Itunes on the computer.

Download Movie On Your Step 3
Once you have opened Itunes, open up the FILE menu and select “Add File To Library” When you have done this, locate the movie you want on your computer’s hard drive, and click on “Open.”

Download Movie On Your Step 4
While you are still in Itunes, click on the “Movies” tab. When that opens check the box that says “Sync Movies” and click “Apply”.

Itunes will now download the movie to your Ipod. You can now watch the movie whenever you choose, as normal! It really is that easy to download one of your favourite movies to your Ipod. If you do need some software to rip your DVDs, check out the links below.

Movies for your Ipod
Get free apple Music
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