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  Free Apple Ipod Music
By Roberto Bell
Would you like to know how to get free apple music right now? I'll teach you exactly how it is done at the finish of the article. Millions of people worldwide own an Ipod, and most of them pay unnecessary money to Itunes and these kinds of sites.Surely it makes sense to learn how to get free music for your Apple Ipod?

There are three principal difficulties with most places that people use to get free apple music:
The First Problem-
Downloads containing viruses and malware. If you have ever done an internet search for free songs for Apple Ipod, then you will know that a lot of websites show up. There are millions. The bad news is that a large percentage of these are disreputable. If you have used one of these sites, and downloaded something, you may well have got something that was nothing like you were hoping for. In case you haven't worked out why, it is because the uploaders of the file deliberately misnamed it. This can be done just to annoy people, but it is more likely that it is an attempt to put spyware or viruses on people's computers. Nice people, eh? If you have ever downloaded something from a P2P site, have your computer checked out now, because your computer could well have



been infected.

The second problem-
Using these kind of sites is illegal. P2P sites and other similar sites are in a strangely grey, ill defined legal area as I understand it. There have been cases of people being prosecuted for using them. The numbers of people being prosecuted is rising, and getting someone's address from the internet is not exactly difficult. I suspect you will agree with me when I say that no record is worth doing jail time for.

The Third Problem-
Poor standard recordings. Most of the sites that have free Apple music downloads are incredibly poor. They are usually riddled with broken links, and popups, and you often find ads that make stupid noises until you click them just to make it quiet! The people who run these websites make their money from surfers clicking ads. The site is usually this awful because the webmasters want you to click on ads, and don't provide any other way to leave the site, as the links don't work!

The Solution-
How would it be with you if you could find honest, reputable sites where you could download Apple music? These sites do exist, if you know how to find them. Once you find a really good site it can be worth a lot of money. The amount of available downloads is usually very high, not just music but movies and videos too, and the downloads happen at a very high speed. The only slight downside is that these sites have to charge a membership fee, but you only have to pay it once, and it can be as low as $25. If you download a lot of material, you can download more value than that in your first hour on the site.

Listen, I promised you were going to get access to the best download free apple music, and here you are. Three of the best download sites that I discovered are in the links below. Enjoy your music!

Apple.com Music
Put Youtube vids on your Ipod
Sean Hamilton is Webmaster at www.ipodlowdown.com










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