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  Choosing The Best Mp3 Player For Travel.
By Charles West, Thu Dec 8th

MP3 players are now capable of many things including making yourlife easier while traveling.

With more of us traveling these days whether it be across State,interstate or around the world, often one home comfort we missis our music. The choice of music player has been limited overthe years to either tape cassette or a CD player, the majorproblem was the carrying of the units and the box of tapes orCD's.

With the invention of the MP3 player, the saving of both weightand space has been greatly improved, and the convenience is justfantastic. But the wide choice of MP3 players available hascreated a few other challenges, mainly with the huge choice andfunctionality of MP3 players available today.

Choosing the Best MP3 player for Travel, has not been so easy,until Today.

Imagine combining your CD player, DVD player, Laptop (theimportant info), voice recorder and extra memory cards




for yourdigital camera all into one small unit.

The following will give you a few ideas as to what functionalityis available in MP3 players available today, that you could usewhile traveling.

First things first:

To Choose the Best MP3 player for travel we need to have

an idea as to what we may want to use it for.

Some Ideas, apart from listening to music, Listening tothe radio station (for local interest or emergency)

A podcast (Download a recording of the local places of interest)

A voice recorder (to make notes of where you have been or placesof interest)

Reading or listening to eBooks (while in transit)

While jogging (we all need a bit of exercise even when onholiday)

Storing and viewing Photo's from our camera or videos storedfrom before we left home.

Are you going to go snorkling, if so do you want your music?

Filing our itinary and flight details.

Playing Games, to fill in time.

Use your MP3 player to make a journal of your travels.

This list has just a few ideas as to what the modern MP3players can do, once you have thought through your own needs youwill be in a much better position to 'Choose the best MP3 playerfor your travels'.

For more information on MP3 players for travel check out www.mp3 music player info.com Whereyou can download an eBook on 'Choosing the best MP3 player foryou'and see many of the latest MP3 players and accessories.

About the author:Charles West sells Technology products (cameras, DVD's, soundsystems and of coarse MP3 players etc) for a retailer. Over thelast couple of years he has come across many people who need alittle more help in understanding the idea of MP3's and thedifferent types of MP3 players and there uses.

So he has developed www.mp3 music player info.com










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