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 .Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)

  Installing Itunes.
By Aonghus Flynn

Computers are becoming more popular as entertainment devices, like your stereo or DVD player. It is not unusual for people to buy a CD and transfer it on to their computer and then never use it again. A lot of people don't even buy a CD and just buy the mp3 file from the Internet. Once on the computer, the music can be copied onto your mp3 player. The advantage of having your music on your computer is that you can organise however you want. For example, let say you are having a party, instead of spending the whole night swapping CD and skipping tracks to find the right music, just create a play list (in a few minutes you can have a play list that last hours) of your favorite tunes and enjoy the party.

iTunes is a music management system for your computer. Programs like iTunes and Windows Media Player are used to organise music and create play-lists. iTunes is made by Apple, the same company that makes the iPod. iTunes is also the program used to transfer audio files from your computer to your iPod. You can even use iTunes to buy music at the iTunes store.

So, where do I get iTunes I hear you ask? iTunes is a free program available from the Apple website. So let's get started. To get iTunes go to the iTunes website and you should see a link like this one.

    The link on the iTunes website.

    The link on the iTunes website.

  1. Click on the ‘Free Download' link.

  2. Select your operating system.

    Select which operating system you are using.

  3. Select the operating system you use and if you wish you can enter your email address. If you enter your email address and leave the check-boxes checked, you will receive regular emails from Apple telling you about offers they have. Click on the ‘FREE DOWNLOAD iTUNES 4.9′ button.

  4. The download dialog box.

    This is the download dialog box for Firefox.

  5. The download dialog box for Firefox. When you



click on the download link this dialog box opens. If you use a different browser this dialog box may look different. Click on the save button.

When you download files with Firefox, they are stored on the desktop by default. To change the location of where downloaded files are stored, click on Tools in the menu bar and select ‘Options...'

from the drop-down menu (it's near the bottom). This opens the ‘Options' dialog box. On the left hand side there are a list of options. Click on ‘Downloads'. At the top of the dialog box there is a

section called ‘Download Folder'. You can change where you can save downloaded files. You can either set Firefox to ask each time you save a file or you can set a folder where you want your

files stored. I usually create a folder called ‘Downloads' and set that as my default folder. This way I can easily find all my downloaded files.

The download dialog box.

iTunes downloading.

  • When you click on the save button, the iTunes installer starts downloading. The ‘Download' dialog box shows the progress of your download. When the file finishes downloading, double-click on it to

    open it.

  • iTunes installer extracting.

    iTunes extracting.

  • When the iTunes begins installing, the first thing it does is extract all the files it needs.

  • The first screen of the iTunes installer.

    The first screen of the iTunes installer.

  • The first screen of the iTunes is just an introduction, telling you what the installer will do. Click on Next to continue.

  • The End User Licence Agreement.


  • This is the Licence Agreement. You must agree with it to install iTunes. Click on the ‘Yes' button to continue the installation.

  • Information about iTunes.

    Information about iTunes.

  • This screen shows details about the current version of itunes and what features are available.

    It also lists the system requirements. Click on the next button.

  • Place a shortcut and set defaults.

    Set default playing options in iTunes.

  • This screen allows you to set iTunes as the default player for audio files. It also allows you to set Quicktime as the default player for movie files. The third option on this screen allows you to place an icon on your desktop. Click on Next.

  • Choosing the location for iTunes.

    Choosing the location for iTunes.

  • This screen allows you to set the location that iTunes will be installed. The default is usually fine so click on the ‘Next' button to continue.

  • Apple ad.

    Other Apple products.

  • This screen just shows other products available from Apple. Click ‘Next'.

  • iTunes installing.

    iTunes installing.

  • This screen shows the progress of the installation.

  • Final screen.

    The final screen of the iTunes install wizard.

  • Click on ‘Finish to complete the installation'.

  • That's it! iTunes is now installed. The first time that you open iTunes a wizard opens to help you organise your music. If you don't have any music on your computer you don't have to worry about this.

    About the Author

    Aonghus Flynn is a web developer. If you like this article, why not visit for many more!










    Copyright 2007 by  Trinity Publishing All Rights Reserved