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  Tips For Finding The Perfect Portable Mp3 Player
By Mike Waters, Wed Dec 7th

Portable mp3 players have caught on in a big way despite therants and disgruntled mumblings of certain millionaire recordingacts. Not only are mp3 players becoming more and moreaffordable, but personal mp3 players are also being enhancedwith greater features and functionality. With so many mp3players to choose from, finding the perfect one for yourlifestyle can be an overwhelming task—that is until now.

The first tip in finding the perfect portable mp3 player is todecide why you want the device. Do you want just a basic cheapmp3 player to upgrade from your old walkman? Are you a musicgroupie who needs unlimited space to download every domestic andimport mp3 released by your favorite bands? Or are you simplylooking for an affordable mp3 player to listen to music whileyou are exercising? Whatever the answer may be, there is aportable mp3 player out there that was made specifically withyou in mind.

The second tip you need to know in finding the perfect portablemp3 player is to acclimate yourself with the types of portablemp3 players available.




Although this list is constantlychanging, the three main types of portable personal mp3 playersare hard drive based, flash based, and cd based.

Basically what this means is that portable mp3 players usedifferent types of hardware to store and read mp3s. Hard drivebased mp3 players store mp3s on an internal hard drive. Flashbased mp3 players store mp3s on some variation of a flash mediacard. CD based mp3 players read mp3 players off of a cdcontaining mp3s.

If you are looking for cheap mp3 players, your best bet will beto get a cd based mp3 player. Not only is it cheaper in pricethan the other portable mp3 players, it is also much moreaffordable to purchase a twenty pack of blank cds than a flashmedia card.

If unlimited space is your fetish, you will need to go with ahard drive based mp3 player. Many of the hard drive based mp3players are not only affordable, but rival home computers interms of their hard drive storage capacity.

If you are looking for added features such as recordingcapabilities and advanced tools in your mp3 player, then a flashmedia mp3 player will best suit your needs. However, you will betrading in storage capacity for those added features.

For everyone else, your best bet will be to get a lower modelhard drive based portable mp3 player such as the immenselypopular and sleekly designed iPod. You really can’t go wrongwith an iPod.

By understanding the different types of portable mp3 players andhow they will be used by you, you can easily find the perfectaffordable portable mp3 player for your budget and lifestyle.

About the author:Mike Waters is owner of “Waters Rock” music studio and thesenior technology columnist for “Media-Tech Entertainment andYou.” To learn more about the best portable mp3 players on themarket, check out the informative resources at










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