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  Mp3player Sales To Soar
By Eddie Miller, Fri Dec 9th

Think the and mp3 players are the big craze now? Analystspredict that the current massive numbers of mp3 player sales aremerely a fraction of what they will be in four years. Althoughit is hard to think that these little gems could sell in evenlarger numbers, the fact is that mp3 players will soon be theprimary way of listening to music no matter where you live inthe world.

Worldwide in 2004, a total of 26.4 million mp3 players weresold. However, led by Apple's uber popular mp3 player,those numbers are expected to jump over 370 percent. For




thosewithout incredible math skills, that means over 125 million mp3players are expected to be sold in the year 2009 alone.Staggering numbers indeed and it appears as if it is only thedawn of the mp3 era.

The apparent rise in popularity and demand will be due to thegrowing video capabilities of these players. No longer will theyonly play music, but players are now handling video as well.Video capabilities of mp3 players are rising quickly, especiallywith the drop of the price of flash memory and the increasedmemory capacity in the small sticks, and this has made themhighly sought after alternatives to other types of players.

Needless to say, the age of the mp3 is only beginning to emerge.Many bright, fun new advances and features are on the brink ofbeing in hands worldwide.

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