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By Danilla James
Most of the users are happy with their device; however their original accessories are quite costly. But, accessories which are bought from China are around 20% or much cheaper than any other market worldwide.

Itís been to our notice that China became rank #1 in TV production within five years; it took almost three years to hold the position of rank #1 in producing DVD; two years to become #1 in the production of mobile phone accessories and finally, China took the #1 position to manufacture and its accessories only within six months. These consumer electronic prices are always low from their



initial days. Consumers can buy accessories from third party auction site or any online shop at competitive price.

In the early days, the supply chain route was as follows:
Importers -> distributors -> wholesalers -> dealers -> retailers -> end users/customers.

But now, the selling strategy has changed; since, any party can source it directly from China via online shopping sites. This has made the consumers satisfied, since they do not have to wait for a longer while nor even need to buy the products at higher price.

For instance, an online shopping site from China, , which generally sells mobile phone accessories; but since there is an easy source of accessories from third party, so they have even included it to their product line. They do not sell it at high price but still, due to the fast penetration via online, it can even benefit from selling consumer electronics goods in large volume by processing frequent orders.

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