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  Ipod Compatible Music Downloads
By Roberto Bell
Downloading music for your is something that is getting ever more popular. Virtually everyone you meet seems to own an or something very similar, and as internet connections are speeding up all the time, ever greater numbers of people are downloading music. Here in this articl you will discover some places where you can pick up music downloads for your compatible Mp3 player.

The most obvious place to find compatible music downloads, especially if you own an itself, is Itunes. Itunes is a well run, professional service, that has an ever increasing number of downloads available. There are other similar sites, the best known of which is probably Napster. These well known services are perfectly good, but they will work out to be quite expensive if you buy a lot of downloads.

If you want to find a list of the best sites where you can download compatible music for free, visit

Completely opposite from Itunes etc are the P2P or torrent sites. These sites involve more than one user downloading at the same time,



and it is really just pure luck as to how fast the download may be. This kind of site is shady at best, so you will be sure to encounter “in your face” advertising like popups . Although these sites will almost certainly allow you to download files for free, the legality of this is, to say the least, in serious doubt. You have also got to consider that none of these sites are subject to any kind of regulation. Content is uploaded by the users of the site, so that you are totally in their hands as to what you get. A lot of the time you will make a download, only to find that it is something completely different from what it was supposed to be. It is also frustrating to have to deal with the extremely slow download speeds.

If you want to add the last piece to the jigsaw of compatible downloads, you will need to look at the legitimate free download sites. These sites will charge you a one time joining fee, which will give you high speed access to unlimited downloads. The reason these sites have to charge money is that is goes towards maintaining the servers, paying staff, and keeping the downloads up to date. You will always get the download you want with this type of site. These sites are the best option for someone looking to build up a good collection of music or movies or games, without spending too much money.

I hope I've given you a bit of enlightenment here. There are plenty of places other than Itunes where you can download music. You need to find out which system suits you, and then stick with it. Enjoy your music!

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