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  Ipod Nano Demand Is Staggering
By Paul Colbert, Sat Dec 10th

The Nano is the newest digital audio player from Apple. Itreceived an overwhelming welcome when it was released onSeptember 7, 2005 and quickly sold out completely in many AppleStores. The Nano combines features from both shuffleand the standard iPod, and replaces the mini. (The iPodmini was discontinued as soon as Nano had been released.)

Compared to the shuffle, the Nano is equipped with aconsiderably larger flash memory despite being much smallerphysically. The first launch included two




types of Nano -the 2GB and the 4GB. The 4GB Nano is capable of storing upto 1000 songs.

Since the Nano is smaller than the full sized iPods, suchas the shuffle, the Nano consequently comes with asmaller click wheel and screen. The screen is just 176 by 132pixels and has a diagonal size of 1.5 inches. The screen ishowever coloured and capable of a much higher resolution thanthe common greyscale screen. This has made it possible tofit one extra line of text in the screen of the Nanocompared to the screen of the equally small mini.


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