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  Apple Ipod Nano 8gb Mp3 Player
You have located a very durable, light weight aluminum Apple that can give you up to 2000 songs and more photos and It will easily fit in your pocket being only less than 4" long and 1 1/2" wide and only 1/3" thick. There is a 11/2" diagonal LCD screen which is much brighter than the earlier models and will play much longer with the stronger battery which is rechargeble in about 90 minetes, which will give you plenty of backlight and play for as many hours as you want. The whole world will be your theater and you won't have to take up any more space than what you could get in your pocket.




will also be amazed as to how brilliant the colored albums will be and how easy it is to access your contacts and calendar with the Click Wheel. While connected to the computer with the USB cable, it is ready to charge or Auto-Sync, or can be hooked to sterio speakers and is compatible with MAC or PC, and supports Outlook and Express and Address Book , and features include storage, photo viewer with 1.5" LCD with blue-white LED backlights with connectors for the computer being an interface USB 2.0, an audio input Dock connector with a 3.5mm output headphone jack which is powered by a lithium ion battery.

The window system requirements are Windows 2000 or better with service pack 4 or later iTunes 7 or later and all of the firmware are upgradeable, with a shipping weight of only 3 lbs. This very modestly priced will give you years of play without fear of fatigue while playing the songs that are loaded and ones that you will be able to download from the computor or other systems. The apple has been out only a short time and if you hav'nt tried one you don't know know what you are missing.










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