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  Tips For Longer Lasting Ipod Battery
By Riki Chon
Listening to music all day on your is possible with the large storage capacity that enables you to listen and relax to an endless supply of music. But what if the battery does not last as long? This situation can often happen. To prevent this tragedy, here are some tips to help your battery last longer:

1. Always keep the battery at room temperature. This is very important because if the battery is too hot or too cold, it will not be able to function at its full potential. Normal room temperature, about 20 degrees Celsius, provides the best atmosphere. Try to store the battery at this temperature before and during use.

2. Utilize the hold mechanism on your iPod. This is a great function that helps your battery last longer. If you won't be using your for a while, turn it off and switch on the hold button. You will be saving some of your battery life by preventing your from being accidentally turned



on while on your pocket.

3. It is important to wait for the battery to empty before recharging it. This will guarantee a better and longer life for your battery. Often iPods use the battery even while in sleep mode, so the battery will drain when you are not using your device. The best time to charge your battery is when it is completely empty.

4. If you are not using the iPod, just put it in sleep mode. To put your in sleep mode, just hold the play button for several seconds. You can also use the pause button if you need to stop listening for a while. This will help prevent the battery from being wasted while you are not actually listening.

5. Watch how often you use the backlight. This function is only necessary in dark areas, and can be altered to save power. Make sure that it is set to a low time or turned off the majority of the time. This backlight can quickly drain your power if it is on too often. The same thing applies to the equalizer. Turning these off will lengthen your battery life.

6. Another thing that can shorten your battery life is changing tracks with the use of the previous and next buttons. When you use these buttons, the hard drive needs to be opened, which uses a lot of your battery life.

By taking note of these tips you can prolong the life of your iPod's battery and provide a more enjoyable music experience.


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