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  All You Need To Know About The Ipod
By Gigi Villanueva
Simply put, the is a brand for moveable media players. It is able to play MP3, AAC/M4A, Protected AAC, AIFF, WAV, Audible audio book, and Apple Lossless audio file formats. Ipods are designed and marketed by Apple. All information about ipods can be found at www.nanospot.org.

The has iTunes included in it, by which you can transfer tracks from the CD to MP3 format. All you have to do is connect the to your PC and transfer the music along with the play list. is well suited for Macintosh computers that run on Mac OS X and PCs running on Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

The or nano identifies the PC it is connected to initially as the ‘home’ computer and will automatically download the music stored in on the PC. But, when you connect it to a different computer, it will tell you that it is connected to a different computer and will ask you if you want to remove its contents and link it with the music library of the new computer.




can link more than one with your PC. Every provides an exclusive identification code to your computer with which you can derive the benefit of automatic transfer of music to the even if you share the computer with another individual using ipod.

Apple has designed all ipods and nanos to suit the active lifestyle of its target group. They can be carried in your hand or put into the pocket even while running or any other outdoor activities.

As for storage capacities, ipods vary from 512 MB to 80 GB depending on the rate of compression of your songs. For instance, twenty GB is comparable to over 5000 four-minute songs, or more than 500 CDs. However, you will have to update your manually if you have more music than the capacity of your ipod.

Ipods stand out because of the very good quality sound they provide. The powerful amplifier has the capacity to produce a very loud sound. And, with its check feature you can even out the song volume. In addition, a good model of the has an in-built battery that can support it for 10-20 hours.

Another great feature of the is that it can also serve as your computer’s hard disk. You can transfer files from your PC and to the and take it with you wherever you travel. Above all, the is intelligent enough to treat your data and music files separately. So, you need not worry about one overlapping the other. And, as an icing on the cake, the also has a digital watch with which you can maintain your schedule wherever you go.

Author Gigi Villanueva is an nano and fanatic. Click here to visit nanospot, his site devoted to all things ipod nano and ipod.










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