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  The Popular Ipod Nano
By Groshan Fabiola
The most popular Apple product right now is the Nano. The Nano is much smaller than the standard iPod, but has almost all of the same capabilities. There are two generations of the Nano. Most people prefer the Nano 2nd gen because the casing is more durable and less prone to scratching. The first Nano was quite popular, except that it was so easy to get scratched. So Apple went back to the designing board and developed the new casing. The Nano was released with little notice. The designing only took 9 months before being introduced into the Apple family.

The Nano is much smaller than the rest of the family, save for the shuffle. The screen on the Nano is tiny, but it is color and has a surprisingly high resolution. Because the screen is so clear, it is said to be able to have more characters in one line than the Mini. The screen is no bigger than a postage stamp, but is still able to portray the album art of the current song that



is playing.

The Nano is much like the shuffle, not only in size, but in memory as well. The Nano has flash-based memory, which means that it must be charged from the computer on a USB port. The flash memory is handy for those that like to go running with their iPod. The flash drive also provides a higher quality in the sound quality.

Despite having the same ear buds, the sound quality of the Nano matches that of the standard iPod. The memory of the Nano allows it to store almost a thousand songs for the smaller GBs and over a thousand songs for the larger memory Nano models. This is also assuming that the basic size music file is being downloaded.

The Nano is available in different colors now. Someone can get a 2GB Nano in white, black or silver. The 4 GB Nano models are available in blue, green, and magenta, as well as the silver color too. With the Nano 2nd gen there was the release of the Red Special Nano, which is available only in the 8GB size. The red Nano is a special that donated money to Africa for the study of AIDs. The price was not higher. In fact, it was reasonably priced for the large GB size that it has.

The Nano is the most recent and popular model available from Apple. There are many benefits to the Nano. More people are finding it more convenient to walk around with the Nano in their pocket. The screen is color, the memory is decent, and they are surprisingly sturdy. The Nano is a popular buy, in many different colors.

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