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  Karaoke + Ipod = Ikaraoke
By Giovanni Woods
Ever since the was launched back in 2001, the clever device has attracted the attention of millions all over the world. Of course, the introduction of the music player was very much welcomed by music loving folks. This is because the does not only look cool but it also has everything that you would look for in a music player. This is the ultimate music player and everyone knows that.

With a wide buyer base of the ingenious music player and its popularity still increasing with the help of the release of newer version of the iPod, you can bet that there are a lot of companies riding on the waves of Apple’s success in this field. This is evident in the huge amount of iPod accessories that have become available in the market. So large is their number that it can be likened to the number of aftermarket products for cars. The accessories for the acts the same way those aftermarket parts do for cars - they make the products look cooler and perform a whole lot better. Good examples are skins and cases that can protect



your and at the same time make it look even better.

Different companies have come up with different technological toys that are compatible with the iPod. All of these devices give users more ways to enjoy the music player. The newest product that has the attention of the music lovers and aspiring singers is the iKaraoke from Griffin. Actually, rumors about this kind of device have been around since summer of last year. So for those who waited patiently for the release of this gadget, then the long wait is over. One of the main things that people have come to love about the iKaraoke is the fact that you can choose straight right out of your collection of songs. You see, the iKaraoke is going to be connected directly to your iPod.
While singing to your favorite song, you can mute the main vocals so that only your voice will be heard. The only drawback though is the absence of lyrics. This is a big thing since the presence of lyrics is what karaoke is all about. But if you get stuck on what words will come next, you can simply turn on the main vocals.

Another feature that the iKaraoke system has is that you can broadcast your voice on an FM frequency. The iKaraoke has this ability, thanks to its built-in antenna. Feedbacks are also a problem with the system just lie in any other entertainment system. That is why Griffin shares to those who want to use their product to stand at least eight feet away from the speakers.

The iKaraoke has control buttons on the microphone. This makes it easy for the user to choose which song she or he wants to sing along to. You can also display the iKaraoke’s menu where you can choose which FM frequency you are going to invade and also adjust the music volume.

Giovanni Woods is a geeky entrepreneur who cannot work without his music buddy – the Mini. He collects the latest iPod accessories in the market through TopZone UK. He also loves to travel around Asia.










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