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By Sheeba
When it comes to handling, we need to be very careful. Normally people after getting the just un-wrap it and start using immediately. However we have seen in many cases of dirtied or scratched ipods including scratched screen or as well broken screen. Here are few ways to take good care of your once it is out of the box.

IPod Nano and Video

The risky areas comprise the screen, click wheel and also the back. It is really good to buy screen and wheeling protector immediately at the point of purchase. Get a good silicone screen and wheel protector, which does not use adhesive glue. Next, you should consider a silicone or a leather case. Generally people prefer a leather case as it makes your classier and leather cases of various color could be found. It is very important to buy correct size



case. If you can afford, it is good to buy an original leather case as it makes the much classier. An open top Apple leather case is good, but however it is more expensive.

IPod mini

The Mini is stronger than the normal as it is shaped up of aluminum. It does not grate easily nor does it go dirty easily. However, the Mini screen and wheel stay in danger and it is strongly encouraged that you buy a screen and wheel protector for it. Once you have bought a skin wrap, a case could be optional, as it is protected well. Many people still love to carry a case as mini has huge range of cases and it has become fairly in style statement.

IPod Shuffle

The Shuffle is made up of hard-bitten acrylic and an external case is not really necessary. For people who like to use the shuffle for extreme activities or sports, an outer silicone case would be good to prevent it form scratches. There are many brands available but be sure to buy one, which has a cut-out or a thinned skin when the shuffle controls are so that you could control the shuffle even in its casing. A lanyard is another high-quality idea as the original shuffle lanyard is not working with an external skin.

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