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  Smart Ipod Tips And Techniques
By Katherine Xie, Fri Dec 9th

Are you thinking of buying an Apple iPod? Or have you bought one?

Almost everyone and anyone that I know seems to have bought aniPod or at least is thinking of getting an for themselvesor their loved ones. The is just so alluring! However, doyou know what you should do after buying the iPod?

Most people don't. Yet, market analysts estimate that theaverage owner spend as much as 30% of the original iPodprice on additional accessories! That's a whopping US$60-US$90on accessories that each owner will spend!

Many people are simply spending their money on the wrongaccessories! In fact, many are going for fancy accessories suchas car transceiver kit, wireless remote kit, speaker kit evenwithout realizing what are the first accessories they should get.

Get the Basic Accessory before getting the FancyStuff!

Do you, as a user, faces these problems on a daily basistoo?

* Screen scratches * Click wheel scratches * Mirrored backscratches * Messy earphone cables * overheating whenbeing charged while in a silicone or leather case

Despite the technical and cosmetic superiority of the AppleiPod, there remain some teething issues. Weak batteries is one.Being easily scratched is another. These problems immediatelylower the resale or trade-in value of the iPod, if any? This maynot seem important but if you are trading in your older fora new one, this does matter. It also sucks to see scratches andmarks on the beautiful iPod. In fact, microscopic scratchestakes place everytime you take the in and out of pocket!

Get a good-quality case before ANYTHING ELSE!





are numerous accessories out there. Many accessoriesare fanciful, some are good but most do not fulfil the basicneed of the iPod. You need to protect the from gettingscratches and accidental marks before anything else.

Before the can serve you well, it must be able to take careof itself. So, before you even look further into getting yourfirst accessory or even if you have gotten numerous otheraccessories, make sure you first equip your with either agood quality case or sleeve.

The most common cases in use are:

Handphone sleeves converted to sleeves

This is the most common as handphone sleeves are cheap andeasily available. However, the mirrored back of the 3G and 4Gipod are easily scratched by theses sleeves as they run againstthe iPod. It is not recommended unless you have a budget problem.

iPod screen and wheel sticky protectors

There are transparent screen and wheel sticky protectorthat are cut of the right size and stucked directly onto theiPod screen and wheel. However, there are various models in themarket and some of the cheaper ones tend to curl and peel offafter some use. If you are on a budget, a good quality screenand wheel protector is the minimum you should have.

iPod silicone skin

This is the most common case around. It looks like a goodcasing choice but it is in fact one of the worst, especially ifyou have bought a cheap one.

These cheap silicone cases are being mass-produced in China withdoubtful materials and design elements. Many of the cheapsilicone skins in the market tear easily and pick up lint anddirt easily. They are also difficult to wash and maintain. Iwill not advise a silicone case unless they are made by some ofthe better and branded products from USA or Japan. A good modelis found at:

iPod Leather case

The leather case is one of the most popular case. However,do not get the Apple branded one if possible as it tends toscratched the mirror back and it does not have a covering flap.Get one of the leather cases from the many in the market. Checkthe stitching on the leather case before buying one as some ofthe mass-manufactured ones may have poor workmanship.

Water and shock resistant cases

There is an increasing demand for such cases as more and morepeople bring their for hiking, cycling, trekking, fishingand beach trips. There are various good brands in the market.However, note that whatever the advertisement may say, at best,the case can only be water resistant and not water proof whichis two different things all together. A water resistant case canonly take splashes and short immersion in water and certainlynot something you can bring for swimming or diving trips!

For recommeded cases and more useful advice, pleasevisit tha author's website.

Katherine Xie is an avid user. She owns 4 iPods startingfrom the 2G model. She gives advice and recommends qualityiPod accessories on her site at: Please feel free to distributethis article as long as mention is made of her website.

About the author:Katherine Xie is an avid user. She owns 4 iPods startingfrom the 2G model. She gives advice and recommends qualityiPod accessories on her site at: Please feel free to distributethis article as long as mention is made of her website.










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