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  Are Ipods Changing The Way We Listen To Music?
By Spencer Anderson, Sat Dec 10th

Theyíre everywhere, and not only are they everywhere, they lookcool too. Since its launch in 2001, 10 million have sold and 8million of those were in 2004. So welcome to the nextgeneration. 8 tracks, records, cassettes, CDs, and now the iPod.

I donít have one, yet. My first taste of it came when mygirlfriend got one, and asked if I would set it up for her usingmy computer. Wearing those now immediately recognizable hipcream coloured headphones, I could feel the eyes of everyhave-not-an-iPod on me with curiosity and maybe a littlejealousy. I even started walking differently. Listening to LedZeppelin, then Radiohead, and then some Bob Marley on my way toschool, there was definitely more spring in my step, and I satthrough class in a much better mood than usual. For a mere twodays it was in my possession and immediately I could feel myselfbeing sucked into its cult.

And why wouldnít you? An lets you put 10,000 songs insidesomething the size of a pack of cigarettes. Gone are the heavy,fragile CD cases and the Discman that skips after each step.





Is the changing the way we listen to music? Undeniably.With an iPod, we can take our music anywhere, and not just onealbum like we could with the walkman. Now we can carry ourentire collections everywhere we go. It can play mixes atparties. You can bring it on the commute to work or for a jog.You can save Microsoft Word documents on it and photos for thatmatter. Donít like a particular song on an album? Delete it.Thanks to the iPod, music has become an even bigger part of ourlives because now itís just a click away, and itís exactly howwe want it.

Apart from the possibility of our entire collections being withus at all times, the iPodís capabilities have done somethingeven better. By being able to store over 700 albums, the isencouraging us to try types of music we might not have listenedto before. When burning a CD to an takes a short fewminutes, whatís there to lose?

But is it all just a trend? Doubtful, especially with peoplespending on average 100 pounds on accessories. Itísdifficult to picture something people now say they canít livewithout vanishing, unless Apple CEO Steve Jobs finds another wayto outdo himself yet again. And on that note now Apple has comeout with the smaller, cheaper version of the called theiPod shuffle. Will it have the same impact as its predecessor?Only time will tell.

Spencer Anderson

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