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  Get To Know The New 5th Generation Apple Ipod Models
By Katherine Xie, Sat Dec 10th

To date, there has been a number of Apple models. Well,with the release of the new Video, there are now officiallythree models for the 5th generation of iPods. The earlier4th generation models, including the popular Mini, iPodPhoto, U2 and 20GB are now officially history.

The three official 5G models include the Shuffle, iPodNano and Video. What's the difference between this newrange of iPods and the previous 4G models? Broadly speaking, thedifferences are:

Hard Disk

Two of the new models, Shuffle and Nano, arebased on flash hard disk technology. This new hard disk is ultraslim and is able to withstand shock and vigorous movement.Unlike 4G models, this make the Shuffle and Nano ultraslim and allow them to be used for vigorous activities,including sporting activity, dance, accidental drops, etc.Previous 4G models were less robust and vigorous activity tendto cause possible malfunction.

Battery life

Battery life on the 5G has improved tremendously. One ofthe major complaints about 4G was the short batterylife(8hrs) and battery life draining away quickly after heavyuse. The new lasts up to 14 hrs and has a better batterylifespan.

Color is standard

Unlike 4G model, where the Photo model was the only modelwith color, the new Nano and Video comes standard withcolor screen and playback.

Choice of video

With the new Video, there




is now a range of activities,including data, music, photo and video that can be supported onone iPod. Previously, video was not available as an option.

Standardized casing

The 4G included the multi-color mini, with a choice ofpink, blue, green and silver. The only option for black was theU2 model.

Today, the colors has been standardized to black or white(except Shuffle - White only). In addition, all casinghas been standardized to hard acrylic instead of the anionizedaluminium for Mini and hard acrylic for the other models.

However, the hard acrylic casing used for the 5G modelsseems to have a tendency to scratch as reported by many iPoduser websites. It is advised that a casing or protectorfilm be purchased for the new 5G immediately. A goodselection can be found at http://www.smart-ipod-ideas.com.

Compact Clickwheel

The Clickwheel was previously a scroll wheel that wasdesigned and supplied by a 3rd party. The new clickwheelsare now designed and produced by Apple itself. Thefunctionalities are similar but users reported better responsefeedback.

Headphone jack

Headphone jacks for all models, including the very first 1GiPod up till the 4G models, has always been on top of the iPod.The Nano breaks ground by having the headphone jack at thebottom.

Which model to choose?

As of this writing, the Video has only been out for lessthan 2 weeks. The current 5G range of seems to be the mostcomplete and versatile thus far, and we can see that the 3different models are essentially targeted at different segmentsof the user market. A basic guide to choosing the rightiPod model can be broadly classified as: iPod Shuffle

The Shuffle is obviously targeted at users who have a lowerbudget or those who only have an occasional need for a musicplayer. The Shuffle comes without a screen and user can onlychoose to listen to music in a sequence or have it shuffledrandomly. Because of it's lower price, this model has become achoice for those who desire for an but may not have theneccessary budget.


The Nano is now the mainstream model with the exit of4G models. With a size and thickness slightly larger than acredit card, this is now a runaway favorite model. Usershave a choice of data, music and photo with this colored screeniPod.


The newest kid on the block, the Video, is desired by thosewith a higher budget or who wish to watch video on their iPod.It has a slightly larger screen than the Nano and play acrisp 30 fps video display. With not many videos availablefor download as yet, we'll need to see if this model canovertake the Nano as the mainstream model.

About the author:Katherine Xie has 4 iPods starting from the 2G model. Sheruns a popular website, http://www.smart-ipod-ideas.com, thatgives tips on iPods as well as showcase quality accessoriesfrom Japan. Please feel free to distribute this article as longas credit and reference is made to her website.










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