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  Music Mobiles A Threat To Ipod?
By Nicolas Fogelholm, Sat Dec 10th

Music mobiles a threat to and other portable music players?

Are the new music mobiles like the Motorola's ROKR iTunes, theWalkman branded Sony Ericsson W800i, or the newly launched Nokia6630 Music Edition a significant threat to Apple´s andother MP3 players?

Experts in the field say Apple, Creative, Rio and other MP3player makers are, for




now, safe from cell phone manufacturingrivals, but they think that Music-centric cell phones willclearly have some impact on the portable music player sales. Isthe average music consumer going to buy the Nano if he hasa Nokia 6630 Music Edition or a N91 music smartphone, which hasa 4 GB hard drive?

More about this can be found here: Nokia Blog

About the author:Nicolas is from Finland (NokiaLand) and writes weekly aboutNokia on his Nokia news blog Nokia Blog.










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