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  Ford Also Out To Offer Ipod Plug-in
By Chuck Smith

The Ford Motor Company may not be the very first auto manufacturer to offer such a feature and accessory for cars and vehicles. It was the Mazda Motor Corporation who was the very first to take the initiative to bring out such an entertainment accessory for their vehicles. But it sure seems that Ford is closely following suit and it looks like it would not want to be left behind in this feature.

Now, with Ford vehicles offering this connectivity, drivers or passengers can now simply plug their units in the vehicle. This can be done through the features in the new audio system which is going to be introduced in the 2007 version vehicles of the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands. And what could bring more customers in is that using this new feature is even easier than replacing your



target="_blank">Ford Club parts.

Mark Fields, as we know, is the president of the Ford Motor Company unit in the Americas. He states, “We at Ford have pledged to listen more closely to our customers, and that includes knowing how they want to use their personal audio devices while driving. We see the booming trend in the audio marketplace, and we are responding quickly in our vehicles.”

Indeed, the market is out for new electronic devices that could give them enjoyment and entertainment and the proved to be the answer to such a demand. Soon enough, more and more units would be available in the market so this new Ford feature could and would be used by many car owners and passengers.

Even Doug Van Dagens, the director of the company’s product and business development for electronics department, explains, “The has been a huge hit, and we at Ford wanted to develop a way for people to bring the device into their Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicle without having to fuss with the device while driving. What we’ve accomplished with the integration of the into our vehicles is just one piece of a much broader effort at Ford Motor Company to respondent to customer trends more quickly.”

It may have not been quick enough, but they sure are already now in the game.

Chuck, a 38 year old freelance writer from Charleston, South Carolina, has been specializing on automotive-related articles and news. He has a degree in Automotive Technology.










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