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  Ipod Vs Zune
By dennis lee
Ipod vs The Zune

Santa Clause will will play an different “Zune” for the holiday season. And the Zune will be An Apple killer tune. Santa news is out , the Microsoft is working on a breakthrough killer machine code name Zune. The Zune Mp3 player will be accompied by a very new online music service, that will off set the other wireless providers. This new Zune users can access wirelessly via the player’s Wi-Fi connection.
One great feature that will revolutionize the and mp3 market place is the the Zune killer users will



be able to access their “Entertainment from anywhere.”

This is just a winning statement that just knocks apple and itune out of business.

The Zune spells maximim entertainment power for the future.

What will this zune product do that make it stands in a class be it self:
Bill gates for one. This Zune must have a different hardware line and software package under its Zune platform. Microsoft is reportedly working on a portable video game machine modeled after the Xbox as well. So don’t be surprise if the Zune killer so has a xbox-360 platform that players video games and music.

You can just bet that in the year 2007-2010 the Zune will control the industry. And Apple will be struggling to catch up with this super Zune killer

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