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  Important Things To Know About Ipods
By Groshan Fabiola
Its one thing to find creepy people on a subway, but itís another to have that creepy person mug someone for their iPod. Because iPods are so popular (and become more so with new models like the video or the nano) they are more likely to get stolen by a mugger. Someone may want a free iPod, and rather than buying one, or looking online for a free iPod, they take someone elseís iPod.

Because it is so common, some major cities have published a version of guidelines for people to protect themselves and their ipods. Many of these flyers share statistics of the amount of ipods that are stolen. According to one statistic from San Francisco, only 15 robberies were reported, but 11% of those were ipods). Many people suggest using regular headphones rather than the white pieces so that it becomes less obvious. Anyone that is smart with their and knows how to conceal it will most likely keep their iPod, and the muggers will not get a free very easily.

Concealing an is easy, but learning how to use a new can be frustrating. One of the biggest issues facing new owners is the stacks of music that remain unripped and an unrealistic expectation that go along with the loading process. But owning an should not be



a burden. Any owner can have access to thousands of songs on their nano, if they give themselves plenty of time to load the songs. An entire library of music does not need to be loaded at one time. It is possible to load music onto the new in increments. Allowing the iTunes collection to grow makes for better selection when loading the iPod. Also, an incomplete library doesn't mean failure. An entire CD collection does not have to be ripped in order to enjoy an iPod. Remember that can only a single song can be listened to at any one time time.

Don't feel tied to older music. People grow and change. The CDs from a decade or two ago might help connect to the past but if musical tastes have changed over time, allow new tracks in the library without feeling obligated to the older collection. No one will be checking in to make sure all those 80's and 90's CDs got digitized.

One of the great things about iTunes is that new music can be tested without commitment. It is possible to listen to the free 30-second samples and check out new play lists. And don't forget that every Tuesday, iTunes offers free tracks that might lead to new artists and styles to enjoy on the iPod. If a CD collection is just too much of a burden to face, enjoy any number of free pod casts on the new and if possible, own a 5G or newer unit to watch TV and movies as well. The does not begin or end with music. iPods shouldn't remain wrapped and unused on a coffee table.

Does the Lifepop Stereo Pet Carrier really steal the spotlight? Chances are it probably does not steal the show more than the pup itself, but it's a pretty cool iPod-compatible accessory. It can be used to carry around the pooch as he or she rocks out to music, or whimpers in abject misery while listening to youíre the old music collection on the iPod. It's basically a soft padded bag with built-in speakers and a mini-plug to hook into the iPod. There's a fully zippered ventilated top so Fido will be able to breathe while grooving.

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