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  Apple Teams Up With Automobile Giants To Convey Ipod Integration
By Jennifer Dylan
Apple has recently announced its partnership with automobile giants to deliver high-quality integration. The new team up composed of the world’s largest automakers today, namely General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Mazda are soon to deliver seamless integration to their brands and models. The team up is said to deliver easy and enjoyable sound quality through the user’s car stereo system. In connection to this, approximately 70 per centum of 2007 US automobile models will be having integration.

Later this year, Ford and General Motors will start featuring integration in the majority of their 2007 automobile models. Conversely, Mazda will deliver global connectivity integration in its 2007 lineup of cars and SUVs.

iPod will provide the automotive giants with superb sound quality while charging the same or storing it in glove compartment. integration also



allows drivers to utilize their car’s multi-function controls to pick the music of their choice including the artist, album and playlist. They are also given the chance to shuffle and skip songs.

According to Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, “we’re delighted that Ford, General Motors and Mazda will support connectivity in nearly all of their new models. Now more than 70 percent of 2007-model US automobiles will offer integration, with General Motors alone making it available on all 56 of its models, representing millions of cars and trucks.”

It can be recalled that Apple dominated the scene of personal computer revolution in the 1970’s. Today, Apple is still rocking the world with its award-winning innovations on desktop and notebook computers, iLife and professional applications, as well as OS X operating system. In regard to music revolution, Apple captivates the heart of music enthusiasts by its portable music players and iTunes online music store.

iPod and iTunes are leading the digital music to provide homes and cars the world’s most-wanted seamless music. Ford, GMC and Mazda auto parts are soon to incorporate music revolution through technology.

Auto Parts GoMazda auto partsJennifer Dylan is a 35-year-old gal who hails from San Francisco. She has a habit of updating herself on new car trends and models. She spends most of her time reading up on cars and hopes to test drive them. She works for one of the topnotch car parts dealer in the U.S. ###










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