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  Apple Ipod Nano Accessories
By Aurel Radulescu
A new digital audio player manufactured by Apple, which first became available during the Fall 2005, is known as the Nano. This handy new unit is the 4th digital audio player to be manufactured by Apple and connects to any PC via the USB port. Itís compact design, combined with even more flash memory storage than the Apple units before it, make the Apple Nano the ultimate in convenience and portability. In size, the device could be compared to a standard computer mouse.

The Apple Nano is said to be compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and iTunes. Additionally, it features a 14 hour battery life and is available in both black and white colorations. Depending on the storage capacity, which includes 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB, the Apple Nano will feature prices starting as low as $150.00 and up.

Because of the iPodís increasing popularity, the accessories market is booming. Sometimes referred to as the Apple ecosystem, the growing number of compatible accessories are designed to work directly with the Apple iPod. Bose and Kennsington, two of the most respected names in music sound systems, are among the creators of Apple speakers, which use the iPodís third pin dock connector.



Other companies, which create add-ons, manufacturer Apple accessories that enable sound recording, recharging, allow the user to experience playback music on the radio and create wireless opportunities for use with the Apple to be operated via a remote control.

In addition to the many electronic accessories for the Apple iPod, there are equally impressive cosmetic accessories that are designed to enhance safety, portability and style. One such accessory is a protective carrying case, which is designed specifically for the Apple iPod, that will make transporting safer, easier and will add just the right amount of style. The most common Apple accessories include a headphone and connector and a Hi-Fi speaker for use in an electrical outlet or through battery operation.

With the Apple being focused on music and convenience, it only stands to reason that they would eventually find their way into the manufacturing process of an automobile. The first to release an Apple interface was BMW, which allowed car owners to operate their through built-in steering wheel controls. By January 2005, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Nissan would release similar systems. By the end of that same year, Honda, Acura, Volkswagen and Audi announced plans to include Apple accessories into their upcoming production lines as well.

Because of itís ability to customize music listening, the Apple continues to grow in popularity among consumers, manufacturers and automakers. As itís demand continues, more Apple accessories will be produced in an effort to take convenience one step further. For those who ever wondered if the Apple would be a success, just ask the automakers. Would they incorporate anything into their automobiles that doesnít have staying power? The Apple is one product that is sure to have a long and successful road ahead.

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