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  Download Free Songs For Ipod? Sounds Good, Now Where The Heck Are They?
By Andrew Clayton
You just shelled out around $300 for your new Video, and now Apple wants you to pay $1.99 per music video, and even more for TV Shows and Movies! So you’re searching for an alternative that will give you great quality and quantity, but won’t break the bank. With all the different websites out there that are claiming to have the best of the best, you might be wondering “who can I trust, and who should I chose?” Well, as an avid owner I can say that I’ve used my fair share of downloading services. If you don’t want to be taken advantage of, read on, because I’ve sorted through, and tried them all, and have got your source for the best sites around that give you access to unlimited video and music downloads, and much much more.

The first download service I tried was Feed My iPod. There are 95 million files via Feed My iPod. that you can download however many times you want, and however often you’d like. There is a small one time fee, but with the cost per download with other services (Like iTunes), Feed My is a great investment. I found that the interface was user friendly, and the different movie tittles I wanted for my were



readily available for download. There are also sports, and music files that are on hand for you to download. As a bonus, you get free software that can convert your personal DVD’s to a format compatible with your iPod.

The second download website I came across was Unlimited Movies. This extensive library of music, game, and video files is updated frequently with some of the most popular titles available. What I liked most was the DVD quality of the movies and videos available. Like the other services there was a minimal one time membership fee. As an added incentive, there was software for a DVD to converter, spyware and adware protection, and a PC diagnostic test, all of which are handy dandy tools for budding multimedia moguls, such as you.

Last is My Downloads, which, in my opinion was the best by far. I was granted instant access to millions of music, game, movie, and sporting event files after my small one time lifetime membership fee. The amount of users in the network made for easy and fast downloading and that gave it some degree of credibility. The different music and video files were categorized by genre for easy searching, and there were also video tutorials available when I ran into trouble. Included with your membership fee is software that enables you to rip from your or CD and transfer the data to either your computer or a mix CD. In my opinion, this is the brand you should trust; I felt it was the most reliable, and it had files I wanted to download that I could not find with other services.

There you have it! The top three services I recommend for your everyday download needs. You too will soon be on your way to becoming an avid owner, so happy downloading!

Andrew Clayton is a computer wiz and Fanatic. If you still can't decide what service to try you can find out more information at the following:

1) My Downloads

2) Unlimited Movies

3) Feed My iPod










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