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  The Right Ipod For Your Budget
If it's not wireless, it's from the dark ages. Wireless technology have given us everything from remote controls to cell phones. Now wireless had taken over our entertainment systems. As if wireless technology wasn't enough, the size of electronic gadgets has decreased dramatically too. All these factors have made Apple iPods extremely popular and very lucrative for Apple.

The iPod's popularity is mostly due to it's small size which makes it a portable entertainment center more powerful than the televisions and stereos of the 's combined. And it fits in your pocket or purse! Entire collections of CD's and DVD's can be stored in a device you can carry with you wherever you go. But the convenience of an does not carry a small price tag. As a matter of fact, the iPod's price tag is the main reason why many people don't own one. But if you really want one, there's got to be a way.

Certainly the is a luxury item and not as necessary as a



cellphone might be. A cellphone can get you out of a find if you get a flat tire in a remote area and need to call for help. But an is still a nice thing to have for entertainment purposes.

Apple iPods are more affordable than many consumers realize. With so many verions of the iPod, there's sure to be one that fits into your budget. It's just a matter of wading through the myriad of choices and finding the for you.

The 512 MB shuffle is the most affordable available. When it comes to storing music, the Shuffle is no slouch. It can hold up to 8 hours of music which is about 120 songs. Do you really need an that can hold 96 hours of music? songs should be plenty for most people. The Apple shuffle costs about dollars as opposed to + for the latest model video iPod.

The price you pay for an will be related to it's storage capacity. While there are more subtle differences, the big one is the amount of storage space.

Consider moving up to the 1GB Shuffle if 8 hours of music isn't enough. The extra storage space is worth the small price increase. Now your will be able to hold 16 hours of music - that's 240 4 minute songs. So by spending about % more, you can store % more music. That's a sound investment.

The bottom line is this. If you know how to find a budget Apple iPod, can enjoy the benefits of ownership at a fraction of the cost. And now you know how to find a budge iPod.

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