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  Ipod Nano Accessories
By John Smith
iPods are musical gadgets that are created by Apple Inc. There are a lot of accessories to give design to your cool tech music box. But most especially what we will be tackling here are the accessories for your Nano.

Accessorizing is adding some features on your gadget to improve the looks and perhaps make it suit your lifestyle. Here are some accessories that can make your nano unique and different from the others:

The nano tubes will keep your safe and in style. This can be bought in five different colors. This is made from a smooth anti-scratch treated silicone. This case can also keep your nano looking new by protecting it from dirt and stains. All you have to do is slip your nano from the bottom or perhaps through the screen window, whenever you feel like adding style and instant protection. The color ranges from transparent, blue, green and pink.

Another item to suit your is the Hotsync USB Cable. Through the use of this you can update your at high speed with the latest and up to date music and data. The cable offers 400mbs throughout for a quicker transfer of your music and data.



This is compatible with iPods that have dock connector only. Its color is available only in white. The length is 65 inches.

Next is the Sync and charging cradle. This is indeed a posh product that will make charging and synchronizing easier than ever before. This is convenient to use and easy to carry around.

Also in the list is the iBud headset. If you are looking for a cheap and simple headset, this product is the one for you. It is super lightweight and easy to carry. It has a 3.5 plug. Though simple, it still provides a clear sound quality.

Another product is the DISPLEX scratch remover and lens polisher, This will ensure you that your is always looking new and fresh. With this special polishing paste you will be able to eliminate scratches on your gadget. This is a do it yourself process. The tube contains 5mg of polish that is enough for up to 8-10 applications and usage.

The 3 in 1 sync and charger kit. This is ideal for users that are always on the go. This 3 in 1 kit contains one of each of the USB HotSync cable, car charger adapter, and AC adapter. This makes charging easy anywhere and anytime.

The Apple nano MP3 player color rubberized skin tube case. This product comes with a silver neck strap. There is a belt loop on the backside that will allow you to hook it on your belt, armband, or thread a scarf, necklace or bandana through it. Your wearing preference is up to you. The color includes, smoke, baby pink, alpine white, ice blue, lime green and tangerine orange. This is made from latex so it will ensure that your is indeed scratch free.

So, go on and accessorize, it will not only make your more beautiful and uniquely yours but it can also serve as a protectant for your gadget and may even shield it from external harm therefore adding a longer life to your Nano.

Mark Hipp is an avid technology and telecommunictions critique. He operates Vonage Broadband Phone Service and iPod Nano Store.










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