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  Ten Ways To Get The Most From Your IpodŽ
By Kim Brockman
Did you get a new video iPod® for Christmas?  Or maybe you’ve had yours for a while, but aren’t really using it to its full capacity.  Don’t forget these informative and entertaining options:
1.      Pod casts – A pod cast is a media file that is distributed by subscription (paid or unpaid) over the Internet for playback on your iPod.  A pod cast may be downloaded directly or streamed.  It is distinguished from other digital audio formats by its ability to be downloaded automatically using software capable of reading feed formats such as RSS or Atom.  The amazing variety of pod casts available is growing daily.  You can get pod casts about news, politics, education, shopping, sports, science, and just about anything else you can think of.  You can learn to speak Mandarin Chinese via pod cast!  It’s even a fairly simple task to set up your own pod cast to be broadcast to others.

2.      Movies – It’s absolutely amazing what movies you can get to download to your and watch.  I see current movies not yet available on DVD, available for iPod.  This week one of the top downloads is Night At the Museum with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.  This is still one of the box office leaders!  Keep up on your movies without spending a fortune!

3.      Listen to a book – There are plenty of places on the Internet to purchase and download audible books, including the popular  The variety is endless!  If you’re always saying you never have time to read, maybe you have time to listen to a book.  Think of all the times you use your to listen to music – while jogging, while driving, while sitting at your desk at work – many of these might also be a good time to listen to a good novel or catch up on your technical reading.




style="font-weight: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal" roman??="" new="" times="">      Music - Songs, Full CDs, or Concerts – Individual songs are a given.  Perhaps your came with many already installed.  There are thousands of MP3 download sites; just do a search.  Or, you can create MP3’s from your existing music collection, whether it’s on CD, vinyl, or tape.  Then you can mix and match the music as you’d like to hear it.  You just need the software to do it.  MusicMatch is a popular one and easy to use.  You can also download or create full CD’s of music.  But with a video iPod, you can go further and get full concert footage of your favorite artists.

5.      Videos from your own camcorder – You no longer have to be at home to show people your home movies.  If you’ve got your with you, you can play them anywhere.  Show the first videos of your newborn at the office.  Grandma would love to see the Christmas play your son or daughter was in!  Or wouldn’t it be nice to leave a video love note to your spouse just before he or she left on that dreaded business trip?

6.      TV Shows – All the major networks are recording and distributing many of their prime shows over the Internet.  There are many services you can join that will obtain these shows for use on your iPod.  And it’s easy!  Sometimes you may have to download them to your PC first, then transfer them to your iPod, but it’s an easy process.  These services provide all the software and instructions you’ll need.  Then take your favorite TV shows with you to watch during spare minutes in your day.

7.      Games – There are a wide variety of game-type downloads available for your iPod.  Action games such as Breakout and Save JFK, trivia such as NBA trivia or Simpsons trivia, Horoscopes and Jokes are all available at reasonable prices for immediate download.

8.      Add-Ons – With addons you can purchase, you can turn your into a remote control that controls all the TVs, lights, recorders, Satellite systems, Roombas, and any other remote control device in your home.  Another turns your into a laser pointer.  You can make it waterproof and listen to music underwater with another accessory.  And there’s one that translates essential English words and phrases into 8 different languages.

9.      Music Videos – Do you like video with your music?  You can listen to all your music with the videos on a video iPod.  You can find services on the Internet that will allow you to download as many videos as you want for a one-time nominal fee.  Now you don’t have to wait for your favorite video to be shown on MTV – just play it on your iPod!

10.  Photo Album – Have you bored people with your endless wallet photos?  They haven’t seen anything yet!  With your iPod, you can carry enough photos to fill 200 slide trays, or cover 5000 square feet of wall space!  Carrying pictures in your wallet = uncool.  Carrying pictures in your = supercool!
See something here you could be using?  Join the revolution today!
Kim Brockman

Discover uses for your you may never have imagined!










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