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  Little Ipod Wonders
By Fred
It is no wonder that ipods are getting fun poked at them by movies this year. It seems as if the is taking over the world. Everywhere you go you see them, they are attached to adults and children alike and they are all over the television and in the movies, it is getting a little insane. But it is not as if there is not good reason for such devotion to this wonderful little device. It might just be the coolest thing ever created!

Not only is an functional and practical, it is cute too. There are basically three different shapes and sizes of to choose from. You have the skinny little shuffle, then the slightly larger but even thinner nano and the ever popular regular that can actually play all of your favorite TV shows as well as your favorite songs. How is it possible?

It is all possible due to Macintosh



technology, they obviously have the greatest engineers and inventors in the world working for them. I mean seriously, none of the other MP3 players out there can compare to the wonder that is the iPod. Not just in terms of how many songs they can hold but in the overall quality and look of the machines themselves. These little things can hold tends of thousands of songs and pictures and they are so tiny. AND they come in all kinds of fabulous colors.

Look at the mini. That little darling came in pink and green and blue and all kinds of other great colors. Now the nano and the iPod they come in white and black. While that isnít exactly a rainbow of colors they are still pretty darn hot if you ask me.

The bottom line is that when it comes time for you to get a new music player you want to get an ipod. It will hold hundred of CDs worth of music and the battery life is out of this world. You are looking at over 20 hours of play before you need to charge it again. Some of the other MP3 players offer like 3 hours of continuous play, that is all. You cannot compare the two, it is not even possible. Ipods blow all of the competition out of the water.

Just make sure you get the that suits your needs the best. They all have their own unique aspects so read about them and then buy the one that is right for you.

He's a guy who likes stuff about the latest portable music players.










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