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  Which Ipod Is Right For Your Lifestyle?
By Fred
Before you go out and spend a chunk of your hard earned cash on an you need to take the time to think about what it is that you really need in yours. I mean, there are so many different kinds out there now, it is not the same selection that you had a few years ago. Back then there was only the classic and sure you had a few options as far as how many songs it would hold, but that was it. Now our options are vast, each kind of iPod comes with different song capacities and this will affect not only how many of your cds will fit on it but also how much you have to pay for your new ipod.

When it comes to buying an for your kids you need to look at a couple of different things. First of all, consider where the kid is going to be packing this



new handy dandy toy. If they are going to be walking all over the world with it you may want to stick with the cheaper shuffle. It is a rough world out there and thousands and tens of thousands of kids have been robbed for their ipods probably this year alone. If, on the other hand, your son or daughter is a very responsible child and they know when to take it with them and when not to then you may want to upgrade your purchase to one of the other more expensive models of ipod. You know your child best of all, just take the time to think about your decision before you spend the money.

If your shopping is all about you and what you need out of this player then you want to look at some of the same things and some different things as well. Kids are not the only ones who get robbed for their ipods you know, so you will need to be careful too. If you just like to have some tunes to accompany you on the way to work on the subway or the bus then an shuffle is probably a perfectly fine way to go. If you would like to use your to catch up on the latest TV shows that you missed, then you are going to have to go with the classic ipod. This is the only one that has video capabilities.

When it comes right down to it all of the ipods are amazing, and they are all worth every penny that they cost. It is just a matter of choosing the one iPod that suits you best.

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