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  Ipod Music, Movies And Downloads
By Nannikin629
The has got to be one of the most trendy technological item on the market for a wide variety of age groups. Also known as an MP3 player, the has taken the market with Apple’s newest iPods that allow you to watch movies right from your player. It is actually quite amazing technology. Originally, the iPod was a bit bigger than some of the other MP3 players on the market. But the benefit to the was the fact it was hard drive based allowing the player to hold thousands of songs. One of Apple’s latest, the Nano uses Flash based memory so it is quite smaller than the original iPod. In fact, it is so thin, like the new RAZR phones.

One of iPods high popularity is Apples music player, called iTunes. iTunes is the internets largest music store allowing owners to download tracks directly to their computer or to their iPod.

iTunes, although very convenient, can be very



costly to the teenager or smaller child as the music and movies are paid for on a per item basis. Most songs run around a dollar a piece with the movies being much higher.

During my research of this article I found several websites that allow you to pay a one time membership fee with unlimited iPod downloads. To me, if you download a lot of iPod music and especially iPod movies, would be a good investment. If you stop and total up the per cost, over time you may spend thousands of dollars.

Most of these websites I came across ran between forty to fifty dollars for a lifetime, unlimited membership.

If you want to check out the information for yourself I have reviewed several of these sites and you can read my personal reviews by Clicking Here .

The is amazing, but it also is an expensive MP3 player. There are many different types of MP3 players on the market today that cost a lot less, but many of them do not have quite the technological features nor do they have iTunes capabilities. Before you decide to purchase, investigate thoroughly, the pros and cons, but in my opinion, the iPods are worth the money.

Nanette Hughston is a freelance writer from the southern US region with a bachelors degree in Finance. See her complete review on downloads by">Clicking Here . Permission is granted for republishing or reprinting of this article with the author bio remaining intact.










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