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  Share Your Chosen Ipod Music Files
By Giovanni Woods
Thanks to your iPod, you can now bring with you your favorite pieces of music that you only used to enjoy when you had your computer turned on. Thanks to your Click Wheel, your favorite music clips and short movies will also be with you wherever you may choose to bring your gadget with you.
The thing though is that you may find it quite difficult to find share your music files with your friends and family. After all, you sure do have that really wild collection of songs which your friends have been looking for all over the Internet.
But after discovering the Belkin TuneCast’s latest product which is the universal FM transmitter that it has created – one of the amazing iPod click wheel accessories - that would let you share your favorite songs to everybody. You see, this FM transmitter, which they call the TuneCast 3, would allow you to let anybody listen in to your music collections through any stereo you may have still working. All you need is the transmitter



and an FM stereo receiver. Once you have these, you are all set. There is no need to worry though for this FM stereo transmitter would also work well with other MP3 players that are available in the market.
In essence, the TuneCast 3 from Belkin can be used with any MP3 player or any gadget that has got a jack for the headphone. So the list is not just totally restricted to the but it can also be used for PSPs and also laptops and notebook computers. When you have your gadget ready to share the information that it has stored, all you need to do is to plug in the TuneCast 3 product right into the jack meant for the headphone. When you have done such, you would now need to turn to your FM receiver and find a channel that is already fuzzy. Make sure you take note of that channel and turn your TuneCast 3 to the same one. And everything would work like magic after that. All your songs in your would be heard over the FM receiver.
The thing with the TuneCast 3 though is that while you may be able to share your chosen music pieces to everybody who is willing to listen, you would still have to keep the product just close enough to the FM receiver. You see, the closer your gadget is to the TuneCast 3 and the FM receiver, the clearer the reception you will get.
According to the creator of the TuneCast 3, the device can actually be used on FM channels that range from 88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz. And when you have found the fuzzy channel that suits your needs and wants, then you can then put the channel and save it to the memory of your FM receiver as well as on your TuneCast 3.

Giovanni Woods is a geeky entrepreneur who cannot work without his music buddy – the iPod Click Wheel. He collects the latest Click Wheel Accessories in the market through TopZone UK. He also loves to travel around Asia.










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