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  Podcasting - The 10 Minute Traffic Generator And Credibility Builder
By Nick J Smith
It wasn't until Apple Corporation created the that podcasting became prevalent in a big way. Podcasting is simply an audio recording of text - normally a blog - that can be played on an mp3 device or over a computer. The term "podcasting" is a combination of the terms "iPod" and "broadcasting".

With the proper tools, podcasts are easy to make. If you want to simply improvise, as happens quite often, all you need is a good mic and recording device with editing capabilities. It's also useful to have a way to change the recorded audio into mp3 format to make it extensively accessable for listeners. Recording doesn't take long, especially if there isn't a requirement for precision.

Nevertheless, if you want to record some prepared text, a teleprompter is extremely useful in presentng notes in such a way as to make the reading procedure simpler. Professional broadcasters use this kind of device while their newscasts are being transmitted. Having the words in front of you and moving at a defined pace decreases the likelihood of losing your place and makes for a smoother read.

Since podcasting deals with sound, be certain to check that your volume level is the same throughout and the end product is clear and you can hear it OK. Try to remove any background disruptions. If you cannot, do not panic as these can be taken



out of the final product, if need be. You can also add background, such as music, but make sure you are not using music that requires a royalty payment or similar charge. There are probably hundreds of web sites expressly designed to make royalty-free tracks available to podcasters.

Constructing a podcast as an addition to a web site is now common practice. Marketing studies have found that guests to web sites feel more of a connection if there is also a voice along with the words on the page. It gives you a superior presence with your visitors. It's also a good idea to keep your podcast updated and fresh.

Your podcast could be hosted on your web site or at a remote location with a hyperlink to it. Check the Internet for web sites that will host your podcast. The primary benefit to hosting elsewhere is it will cut down on the necessary bandwidth which podcasts, due to their large filesize, use a lot of.

You can probably locate podcasts on almost every subject you can think of. Ensuring your recording is available in both transcript and spoken word means it is more likely interested listeners will find you. That then allows the listener the choice of using whatever medium is most convenient to them. When learning a difficult subject, or one that calls for listening to the oral sounds, such as an unfamiliar language, people repeatedly find that having both - reading and listening at the same time - provides the easiest way of mastering the subject. Getting the audio as well as visual queue makes it easier to retain the subject matter.

And as with other products, the podcast is only as good as the presenter. If the material isn't sufficiently researched or has inaccurate information, if the subject isn't covered in a logical method that's easy to understand, then the podcast has no value. Podcasting can be a dynamic way to communicate with your listeners, as it raises the bar for creating content worth hearing. This is a fantastic way to get an idea across, and it seems the popularity of podcasting will only multiply in the foreseeable future.

If you are new to podcasting and would like to know more about it, why not take a look at our free podcasting resource center where you can learn how to podcast for fun and profit and other valuable information, including finding podcast software and much more.










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