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  The Ipod Shuffle.
By Groshan Fabiola
The shuffle is the smallest of the family and it is the simplest, but it is still convenient and has good sound quality. The shuffle is available in two models. The first generation of the shuffle is as big as a pack of gum. There is no screen on the iPod, but it still has navigation. Many people took to the Shuffle because it was easy to carry around on a run or to keep around during a workout. The shuffle is still popular, and has become more so since the 2nd generation of the shuffle.

Even though there is no screen on the iPod, there is still the standard click wheel on the front face that allows the user to navigate through its songs. Every has the click wheel so that the user can go forward and backwards through the playlist. While most models have a menu screen, the Shuffle lacks this feature. The songs are shuffled on one playlist and the user has the choice to start the playlist over each time the is used, or they can set the shuffle to



continue where it left off each time they leave the Shuffle.

Since there is no screen on the shuffle, the battery life is portrayed through blinking lights on the front and back of the Shuffle. When the shuffle is charging, the light will blink an orange color. Once the charge is complete, it will be a green light. When the shuffle is losing battery, the light will either be orange or red. There is a card included with the that informs the user of what the lights are indicating.

The 2nd generation shuffle is much smaller than the first iPod, and has a back clip that covers the whole back side. The newest version of the shuffle still has the click wheel, but has no screen. The casing is durable like that of the Nano 2nd gen. Both models of the shuffle are successful amongst runners and other people that use their for workouts. The shuffle is small enough that it will not get in the way of most body movements.

Apple created the shuffle in hopes to appeal to the active type of people. Even though they are not as advanced as the rest of the family, they are intended for those to listen to music on the go. A person can get several hundred songs onto their iPod, which is enough for a couple of hours worth of music.

There are two generations of the shuffle that people have the option of choosing from. While they are small and compact, the shuffle has a lot of potential, and can still be useful for many people. They are the smallest of the family, and are great for many people.

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