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  Put Something Useful On Your Child's Ipod Part 1
By Jake Solochek
Put Something Useful On Your Child's iPod

By Steve McCrea
Education Specialist

Welcome! Here are your easy how-to instructions

Step 1 -- Find an or mp3 player.

Step 2 -- Connect the device to a computer.

Step 3 -- Insert the CD and transfer audio files to the or mp3 device.

Step 4 -- Connect the headphones, give the to your child and watch the faces. "Yuck!" and "whoa, where did you get THAT?" and "Who is this Churchill guy? He talks funny."
Your suggestions are invited.
Steve McCrea
Tutor and education specialist

It's all about putting data into your head. Electronic books (ebooks) are available at and at NOTE: The is a trademark of Apple Computers and mp3 player is the general term for a device that plays mp3 files.

Don't Panic, Parents!
Yes, your home has been invaded by a small item carried in your child's pocket. Strings dangle from your child's ears. What is going on in there?

Compare the Sony Walkman (for audio tape) or the CD player. Both require more battery power than an mp3 player, so your child is actually saving you money! The digital audio device



uses fewer batteries each month.

The as a Teaching Tool
Take a moment and read the suggestions in ˇ§For Teachersˇ¨ on this CD (in this booklet). You are a teacher, too, and you can extend your childˇ¦s education with interesting speeches and books on tape that you find on the Internet.

Set an example

-Listen to national public radio, not music, when in the car.
-Find interesting spoken work on audio mp3 files or on the radio.
-Use an for your chores, listening to interesting interviews from
-Ask your child to show you how to use or ˇ§Juiceˇ¨, software that is used to download mp3 files.

For Teachers

Yes, your school probably has rules about the use of iPods and mp3 players. Most schools have decreed: No digital devices in the classroom!

Too bad.
It's a shame.
What a pity.
Such a waste of an opportunity.

For many students, learning by doing is a feature of their learning method. Through trial and error, many students learn how to transfer mp3 audio files to their mp3 players and how to shuffle the order of playing and select their favorite pieces. Most of these pieces are music files. What if teachers and parents gave students mp3 files that had educational merit and purpose?

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