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  Your Ipod Crashed Now What - Can It Be Saved?
By Mike D Tucker
Your stopped working for some reason and you don’t want to lose all your data. Don’t panic this article will help.

First of all and most important is DO NOT CONNECT YOUR TO ITUNES. The default setting for Ipods is to auto sync your to Itunes when connected. In most cases you will lose everything. It cannot sync to an that is not working correctly.

Here is a list of most common symptoms and the cures

Frozen – If your has frozen up and will not respond to any of the buttons try these steps.
1.Make sure you do not have the hold function engaged on your Ipod. This feature locks all the buttons on your to keep them from being accidental pushed. Slide the hold button backward and forward and check to see if your is now unfrozen.
2.Reset Your – Resetting your is like re- booting your computer. To reset push select and menu buttons at the same time and hold them for 10 seconds. If your resets and is



now functioning normally you are safe to use it and connect with your Itunes

Your displays a sad face - If your displays a sad icon it is usually not a good sign. In most cases, the sad icon indicates a more serious hardware problem. You can try this. Test your by manually placing your in disk mode. If this works it is not a hardware problem. To place your in disk mode.
1.Toggle the hold switch on and off
2.Press and hold the menu and select buttons until the apple logo appears on screen.
3.When the logo appears, release the Menu and Select buttons and immediately press and hold the Select and the Play/Pause buttons until the Disk Mode screen appears.

Your show an exclamation mark with a folder – This is a sign of a communication error. Possible hard drive problem

You pressed your restore button – The restore button re-formats the hard drive and restores your to the original condition like when it was new. If this has happened and you no longer have any songs or data on your your only option now is to use data recovery software.

Most of the problems listed above including formatting your will not completely lose your data. If the above solutions do not correct your problem you can use a data recovery software and save your songs and other data.

After crashing my several times by dropping it. I bought a data recovery tool that works great. I am now the neighborhood specialist. I have restored all my friends Ipods.

Mike D Tucker is a self employed entrepreneur and product reviewer. Download A Free Copy Of Recovery Software -










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