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  Ipod Video: Portable Entertainment Right At The Palm Of Your Hands
By Bob Janeway
Undoubtedly, is one of the most popular gadgets today. Giving you’re the ability to play your favorite mp3s, you will definitely enjoy having an everywhere you go. Today, the latest craze in is the fifth generation iPod. This particular was introduced during the late 2005 where people are definitely getting crazy about up until today.

Not only that this is capable of playing your favorite mp3s, but it is even capable of playing your favorite videos. Imagine, a full color screen with maximum clarity and sound, and all this in a small package, you will definitely enjoy videos. Another great feature of this is that it has video playback capabilities that will enhance your viewing experience.

The video is also designed slimmer and more stunning than its predecessors. It can support up to 150 hours of music videos with a 2.5 inch clear video display that will definitely give you maximum entertainment. The video is also integrated with a state-of-the-art battery back that can have up to 20 hours of battery life. As you can see, it has a five hour increase in battery life than



the previous model.

The video also has a 60 GB model, which means you can definitely store a lot of music in it. Its smaller size may deceive you but you can definitely be sure that with this iPod, great packages really come in small things.

If you are a person who loves to watch music videos, TV shows, and store and view photos, the video can definitely give a lot of benefit to you. Another great thing about video is that it is also integrated with the Apple Click Wheel for navigation. The buttons consist of menu, previous, next, play and pause. As you can see, there are no complicated set up and using it is very easy. Even your 12 year old child can use video.

If you like to move your mp3 and video collection in a single device, you can do so with an video. You can simply hook it up with your computer through the USB port, and you can move files to and from the iPod. As you can see, the video is also great for file sharing. You can easily click and drag your favorite mp3s and videos to your and share it with your friends.

If you are interested in video output, you can purchase the video accessory called the AV cables. This particular tool will enable you to plug your in your TV and watch the videos stored in it comes to life in your TV. You can also share the sound by purchasing a dock for your video.

Other accessories include a remote and a wall charger to add more convenience when using your video.

So, the next time you want something that will provide you with great quality entertainment in your pocket, you can consider getting an video. Not only that this fifth generation can provide you with music, but it can also enable you to play your favorite videos.

iPod is the latest thing in the market today. It can provide you with entertainment as well as convenience.

Bob is the owner of ipodvideo.knowsmart.com/ which is an up-to-date, informative video website.










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