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  Get Your Own Dension Gateway Now
By Rick Martin
Now you can transform driving into pleasure because of our special Dension ice Link Plus and Dension Gateway, capable to bring the quality of sound in your car too. Itís very simple to relax while driving, to have a great time on the way to your destination. Moreover, if you donít believe it, check out some of the benefits we offer.

The high quality products that we sell are available for great prices and for a large range of cars. When choosing the product you want to buy, you also have to check its compatibility to your car. After doing that, you will be able to drive while enjoying your personal music selection.

One of our products is the Dension ice Link Plus. This is a car integration kit for your iPod, which plays high quality music in your car. By using it, you will no longer need cigarette lighter chargers, cassette adapter or bulky FM transmitters. Dension ice Link Plus will do all these for you. Why would you spend your money on many products, when you now have one that does them all? This kit will convert your into a virtual CD changer and the song information will run in the screed. Moreover, the information will also be available on the radio display if the radio supports this operation. If not, you can look to your any time you want.




ice Link Plus allows you to navigate through songs, playlists and albums using your radio or iPod. In addition, if you need advanced settings, there is a playlist browser available, along with album play, languages, battery charging mode and many others. As you can see, your existing car entertainment system will be very easy to control. All you have to do is touch a button. A very high quality sound will transform your ride in a pleasure.

Dension Gateway is a more complex kit for your car, because it allows you to connect many USB devices to your car audio system: memory sticks, portable MP3 players and Microsoft PlayForSure devices. All you have to do is to connect Dension Gateway to the carís entertainment system and relax. You will enjoy a high quality sound while having full control on your player. In case you want more than music, you can watch movies on your car. This is possible if your carís entertainment system allows this operation.

By choosing Dension Gateway, you will find complete satisfaction in the entertainment system of your car. This is because the kit offers you many possibilities and brings quality in your life. There are different models available. When opting for one, you have to be attentive and check its compatibility to your vehicle. Then you can enjoy the pleasure of having the best music and movies in your own car. Now, by using Dension Gateway you cave money and space in your car. Thatís because we want to keep it simple.

As you can see, our productsí designers considered everything in order to make everything easier for you. Dension ice Link Plus and Dension Gateway are able to transform your car. Every ride will become a pleasure. Now you can listen to your own quality music selection and you can watch any movie from your iPod. Moreover, the sound quality is unquestionable. If you want to save money, you have to choose high levels. Trough our products we offer you the best quality and prices. This is why selecting us is the best deal.

If you want to find out more about Dension ice Link Plus and Dension Gateway, all you have to do is consider our offer and choose the model that fits your car. Only this way you will be very satisfied when driving. Why should you not do it when itís possible?










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